Ankara Roundtables on Bioethics

Darryl Macer
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 9 (1999), 4.

The previous issue of EJAIB saw about half of the papers from the Turkish Bioethics Roundtables held 26-29 August in Ankara included. Those meetings were the joint project of the Graduate Institute of Social Sciences, and the Center for Environmental Studies at Ankara University with cooperation from Eubios Ethics Institute. In this issue the paper of B. Cetyn is added. If other persons send their papers we will also publish them.

The program of the Anakara Roundtables included:

Welcoming Addresses:

G. Akbay, C. Taug, I. Ergenc, R. Keles & D. Macer

1. Bioethics in Different Countries and on the International Scene (Chair: D. Macer & C. Yukselen)

J. Azariah; Z. Davran; I.Talay, N. Karadeniz, S. Sahin; Y. Ors; E. Ozsunay; S.Y. Song

2. The Environmental and Habitat from the Viewpoint of Ethics (Chair: R. Keles & S. Shinagawa)

J. Azariah; H. Evliya; M. Fisunoglu;F.J. Leavitt; M. Kence; S.Y. Song; N. Turgut; C. Yukselen

3. Genetics and Ethics in All Its Dimensions (Chair: H. Evliya & F. Leavitt)

B. Alpagut, N. Bozcuk; A. Tukun, I. Bokesoy; B. Cetin; A. Kence; F. Leavitt; D. Macer; S. Shinagawa

4. Overall Discussion (Chair: Z. Davran & J. Azariah)

There were other participants including Y. Oguz & S.Pelin, and members of Ankara University. It is intended to publish the papers in Turkish.

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