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Topical list of News in Bioethics and Biotechnology
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1 Editorial: Future Development of Bioethics in Asia - Darryl Macer

3 Global Summit of National Bioethics Commissions: Tokyo Communique

4 Ankara Roundtables on Bioethics

4 Biological Diversity in Forest Ecosystems - Barbaros Cetyn

6 Some Possible Impacts of Environmental Epidemiology on Ethical Aspects of Health Care - Ella A. Kordysh & John R. Goldsmith

7 Artificial Respiration Administration in the Terminally Ill - Obligation or Prohibition? From the Jewish Ethical Perspective of a Family Physician - Sody A Naimer

8 References in the Mishna to usage of parts of the human body as tools or implements - Avi Gold

9 Frontier Program of Medical Gene Research in Taiwan - Yu Shi Hung

10 Attitudes of MD patients and their families to DNA banks in Japan - Hisanobu Kaiya & Darryl Macer

12 Ethics and Aesthetics - K.K. Verma

13 Reflections on Three Years of Travel for Asian Bioethics - Yeruham Frank Leavitt

15 Mystical Bioethics Network

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p. 14 One of our editorial board is now released from prison

From: Kamal Mubarak <Email:>

January 25, 1999

Dr Munawar Anees has been in Malaysian custody for half a year falsely accused of sodomy with the former Vice-Prime Minister of Malaysia, in a political arrest which is well known around the world. Munawar was released from the torturous captivity of the Malaysian government on Monday, January 18, 1999. His appeal of the conviction is still to be heard (March 22). The following are the recent website updates to <>

He has been given back his passport. Dr Anees and his family have been devastated emotionally as well as financially by these inhuman actions. Without any income for the last 4 months and mounting legal bills, this family has seen more hardship than many can bear. The task of resettling the family in another country, getting a residence, finding a school for the children, and a new job for Dr Anees is daunting indeed. This will require all the courage Mrs Anees can muster, all the fortitude the children can gather, and all the help the friends can give.

Dr Anees filed an application to get the detailed records of his whereabouts in police custody (and torture) prior to his conviction. But his appeal was turned down by Justice Abdul Wahab Patail citing the Prisons Act and Rules and the Lock-up Rules. Bernama is reporting that Sukma Dermawan, Anwar Ibrahim's adopted brother and co-sufferer with Dr Anees, has filed an affidavit in court affirmed by a physician that he has never been sodomized, as supporting evidence to overturn his conviction. AFP is reporting that Anwar Ibrahim's case and its repercussions may force the ruling party to remove Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. The South China Morning Post reported that PM Mahathir admitted in a secret meeting with his closest allies that his hardline strategy against Anwar Ibrahim had partly backfired, especially when it came to the graphic accusations about Anwar's sexual deeds. This was supposedly from a leaked secret document. But the authenticity of this document has been challenged.

The Friends of Dr Anees have set up a Dr Anees Defense Fund for this purpose. Following is the information for sending contributions:
1. Wire Transfers should be made to:
Account Name: Dr Anees Defense Fund
Bank: Crestar Bank ABA - 051000020
Account No. 202752631
Fairfax, Virginia, USA
2. Checks (preferably cashier or certified checks) should be made out to
"Dr Anees Defense Fund" and mailed to:
Dr Anees Defense Fund
c/o Safir Rammah
13349 Jasper Court
Fairfax, VA 22033, USA
3. Contact info for any inquiries regarding this fund:
Safir Rammah
Day Time Phone: 703-691-6186
Home Phone: 703-818-0891

We expect we will need at least US $20,000 immediately for legal and moving expenses, and a similar amount in the coming months. Please donate generously. Every penny counts.

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