Protection of the Human Genome and Scientific Responsibility

Proceedings of 1995 MURS-Japan / UNESCO IBC Seminars

Inaugural Issue of MURS Japan, 1996

Editors: Michio Okamoto, M.D., Norio Fujiki, M.D. , Darryl R.J. Macer, Ph.D.

Eubios Ethics Institute 1996

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Messages and Editorial Preface
1 Inaugural Message - Michio Okamoto
2 Congratulatory Message - Jean Dausset
4 MURS Japan Progress Report - Norio Fujiki
6 Editorial Preface - Michio Okamoto, Norio Fujiki, & Darryl Macer

8 1995 MURS Japan / IBC, UNESCO Seminar Program

9 Opening Remarks - Michio Okamoto

Tokyo Session

10-11 Welcome Address - Setsuro Ebashi / Introductory Speech - Mizuo Kuroda

12 Bioethics and UNESCO: How the Organization deals with this Essential Issue for the United Nations System 12

Noelle Lenoir

23 Declaration on the Human Genome and its Protection in Relation to Human Dignity and Human Rights - September 1995 version

Panel Discussion (Tokyo)

25 Progress in Medicine and Medical Ethics - Fumimaro Takaku

27 Issues Related to Chromosomal Mutations - Masamichi Sakanoue

30 The Genome, Artificial Evolution, and Human Rights - Hyakudai Sakamoto

32 Five Problems of Human Genome Analysis in Japan - From a philosophical point of view - Yujiro Nakamura

Nagoya Session

36 - 41 Chairman's Remarks - Yoshinao Katsumata / Discussion

Fukui Session

42-52 Welcome Address - Masami Sudo / Medical Geneticist's Responsibility - Norio Fujiki

Panel Discussion (Fukui)

53 Perspectives on the Human Genome Project - Kevin Davies

59 Bioethics in France - Pierre Aussage

61 Biotechnology and Ethics - M. Bourene

65 Human Genome Project: Its Bioethical Aspects and Socio-Cultural Considerations in the Context of Indian Society - Jai Rup Singh

70 The Challenge of Universal Bioethics and Genetics - Darryl Macer

73-76 Discussion / Chairman's Remark on Panel Discussion - Norio Fujiki / Closing Comments - Keiichi Ueda

Kyoto Session

77 Chairman's Remarks: Responsibility of Scientists - For Coexistence with Nature - Kazuro Hanihara

81 Natural Disaster and Artificial Disaster - Michio Okamoto

Panel Discussion (Kyoto)

85 Human Genome Diversity Project and Social Responsibility of Anthropologists - Keiichi Omoto

88 Bioethical and Socio-ethical Problems Related with Gene Diagnosis and Therapy - Toru Mori

93 Lessons from history of evolution - Setsuya Fujita

97 A Note on Human Genome and Bioethics - Mitsukuni Yasaki

99 Kyoto Session Discussion

103 - 104 Closing Remarks - Norio Fujiki / MURS Japan Draft Constitution

Cataloging-in-Publication data
Protection of the Human Genome and Scientific Responsibility. Proceedings of the 1995 MURS Japan / UNESCO IBC Seminars / editors, Michio Okamoto, Norio Fujiki and Darryl R.J. Macer.
Christchurch, N.Z. : Eubios Ethics Institute 1996.

1 v. thirty-one papers. Includes index. ISBN 0-908897-09-X
1. Genomes--Research--International cooperation--Congresses. 2. Human gene mapping--Research--International Cooperation--Congresses. 3. Medical genetics--Social aspects--Congresses. 4. Medical genetics--Moral and ethical aspects. 5. Medical genetics--Congresses. 6. Bioethics--Congresses. 7. Human Genome Project--Congresses. 8. Public opinion. I. Okamoto, Michio, 1912 - II. Fujiki, Norio, 1928- III. Macer, Darryl R.J. (Darryl Raymund Johnson), 1962- IV. Eubios Ethics Institute. V. Title (Protection of the Human Genome and Scientific Responsibility).
341.76757 (174.9574)

Key Words: Bioethics, Biotechnology, Eugenics, Genetic Counseling, Genetic Engineering, Genetic Screening, Genetic Therapy, Human Genetic Disease, Human Genome Project (Scientific, Ethical, Social and Legal Aspects), Medical Ethics, Medical Genetics (Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention), Patenting of Life, Public Perceptions of Genetic Counseling, UNESCO.

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