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Copyright of powerpoint files remains with the authors. These papers were presented on the days between 13th and 16th February, 2004, at the Fifth Asian Bioethics Conference (ABC5). Concurrent with Ninth International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable (TRT9), held in, Tsukuba Science City, Japan.
Program and abstracts are updated on-line: Internet site:
Note that some Powerpoint files are too large for Internet download (size indicated below), but all are available to view on the Eubios CD. The Eubios CD is free to persons involved in class trials of the Bioethics Education project. This page was last updated on 21 October 2004.

Discussion and full papers of bioethics education papers (in one MSWord file) presented at the Fifth Asian Bioethics Conference (ABC5) concurrent with Ninth International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable (TRT9), held in, Tsukuba Science City, Japan, 13-16 February 2004. Program and abstracts are on-line on the Internet site:
Papers are from Macer, DRJ., ed., "Challenges for Bioethics in Asia" (Eubios Ethics Institute, 2004).
Full Proceedings of the Fifth Asian Bioethics Conference from Macer, DRJ., ed., Challenges for Bioethics from Asia (Eubios Ethics Institute, 2004)
JAPANESE language abstracts and papers on bioethics education (in one rich text format file)
All correspondence to: Fax: Int+81-29-853-6614
Prof. Darryl Macer,
Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba Science City 305-8572, Japan

15 February, 2004 First official meeting of the International Bioethics Education Network (English-Japanese translation was available that day) 9:00-10:40 5. Basic Theory and Different Methods of Education
Darryl Macer (New Zealand/ Japan) - Introduction to the project on Bioethics for Informed Choices English and Japanese ppt (20MB)
Lindsey N. Conner (New Zealand) - Teaching about bioethics: A facilitation approach
Shinichi Shoji (Japan) - Bioethics Teaching in Group Anthropology Classes
Leonardo de Castro (Philippines) - Reflections on Teaching Bioethics and Bioethics EducationEnglish ppt(4MB)
Ole Doering (Germany) - Teaching medical ethics in different cultures
Shunji Miura (Japan) - Bioethics Education and student conscience Japanese ppt(7MB) / English ppt(6.7MB)
Jan Wawrzywak (Poland) - Syllabus of classes on Neonaturalistic Environmental Bioethics - A Polish Example
Martha Marcela Rodriguez Alanis (Mexico) - The Application of Bioethics in a Technical High School as a Behavioral Educational Model to Strengthen Moral Values and Modify Risky Behavior among Teenage StudentsEnglish ppt(180KB)
11:00-13:00 6. Teachers reports from different countries
Li Kuang (China) - Teaching about brain deathEnglish ppt (88KB)
Naoki Shiraishi (Japan) - Lessons on thinking about bioethics with high school studentsEnglish ppt(9MB)
Shigeko Tsuboi (Japan) - Teaching about Surrogacy
Lei Li (China) - Teaching about animal rightsEnglish ppt(1.1MB)
Dena Hsin-Chen Hsin (Taiwan) - Teaching about truth telling English ppt(15MB)
Fu Jinhua (China) - Teaching about genetic privacyEnglish ppt
Mika Asato (Japan) - Video conferencing for bioethics educationEnglish ppt(6MB)
Yuzuru Shatari (Japan) - Video conferencing for bioethics educationEnglish ppt (4MB)
14:00-16:00 7. Country coordinators reports from the International Bioethics Education Project
Japanese and Korean student group - Bioethics play performanceEnglish ppt(64KB)
Ester Abito (The Philippines) - Trials at Ateneo de Manila High SchoolEnglish ppt(200KB)
Baoqi Su (China) - Bringing Bioethics to Life: the Role of EducationEnglish ppt (1.3MB)
Jing Zhuo (China) - Trials in the Middle School Attached to Beijing Normal UniversityEnglish ppt
Bin Wang (China) - The Gazing of Life-to Discuss, to Construct and to Form a Common Life Ethic Via ImagesEnglish ppt(1MB)
Beryl Jin Hwa Lee (Taiwan) - Taiwanese Trials of Bioethics in Freshman English ClassesEnglish ppt(69MB)
Irina Pollard (Australia) - Australian Feedback On The Bioethics Education Project With Special Reference To Lifestyle Factors Affecting Fertility And The Assisted Reproductive TechnologiesEnglish ppt(6MB)
Fumi Maekawa (Japan) - Japanese trials English ppt(60KB)
16:15 -18:00 8. Improvement of teaching methods and styles, with comparison of teaching materials
Toru Yamashita (Japan) - Teaching about GM food in the context of the Japanese economy English ppt(588KB)/ Japanese ppt(160KB)
Hiroaki Koizumi (Japan) - Courses Re-thinking Health and Illness
T. Ishizuka and Eguchi (Japan) - Innovative Approaches to Teaching Bioethics in Ethics Classes English ppt(24KB)
M.A.Jothi Rajan et al. (India)- Innovative Technique of Introducing Bioethics - Programmed InstructionsEnglish ppt(40KB)
Kaneo Inoue (Japan) - Bioethics Education and Information Ethics Education
Papers from other days (also included as full papers in the bioethics education file preview of Macer, DRJ., ed., "Challenges for Bioethics in Asia" (Eubios Ethics Institute, 2004).
Frank J. Leavitt (Israel) - Health Education for Dalit ("Untouchable") Mothers in Tamil-Nadu: Report and Evaluation
Shiu-I Yang & Mu-Li Wu (USA/Taiwan) - Continuing Medical Education and Bioethics: Another Option to Advance Bioethics in TaiwanEnglish ppt (152KB)
Peter A. Sy (the Philippines) - Bioethics as Technology EducationEnglish pptxxx
Prem Kaidi (Nepal) - Nepalese Children are not a Peace Zone
Joong-Ho Kim (Korea) - Bioethics Education in a Catholic UniversityEnglish pptxxx
Aruna Sivakami (India) - Bioethics Education in Univ. Madras & MGR Medical University
Kenji Hattori (Japan) - What medical students expect from medical ethics classesEnglish ppt(80KB)

Eliane S. Azevedo, Synara M. Leal, ârico M. GonŹalves (Brazil) - Teaching bioethics: a pedagogical model using children's complementation of moral conflict stories

TRT8 (February 2003) session on "Bioethics education and Creating a Framework for Ideas in the Mind" powerpoint files
The abstracts of TRT8 can be downloaded, and some ppt files are available here.

Noritoshi Tanida (Japan) - Bioethics education in medical school English ppt(80KB)
Naoki Shiraishi (Japan) - Implications of Curriculum Changes for Bioethics Education in Japan
Shigeko Tsuboi (Japan) - Measuring the Impact of Viewing a Video "Designer Child"
Mary Ann Chen Ng (The Philippines) - Reflections on learner autonomy in bioethics education English ppt(40KB)
Aya Tanabe (Japan) - AIDS and the Vulnerable Population In India
Kune Michael Njohjam (Cameroon) - Ethical Issues in Public Health in the Cameroon
Shinichi Shoji (Japan) - Clinical anthropology - its extension of learner and educational effects
Sang-Yong Song and Young-Mo Ko et al. (South Korea)- Drafting a Korean Charter for Scientists and EngineersEnglish ppt(1.2MB)
Fumi Maekawa and Darryl Macer (Japan) - Moral responsibility in changing the mind and bioethics educationEnglish ppt(104KB)

(February 2002, TRT7) Fumi Maekawa and D. Macer (Japan) Methods to assess the teaching of bioethics English ppt(220KB)

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