A Cross Cultural Introduction to Bioethics ,

Macer, DRJ. Ed., (Eubios Ethics Institute)(published January 2006).

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A. Bioethics and the ethics of science and technology
1. Making choices, diversity and principles of bioethics 1
2. Ethics in history and love of life 6
3. Moral agents 18
4. Ethical limits of animal use 22
5. Ethics and Nanotechnology 27

B. Environmental Ethics
1. Ecology and Life 30
2. Biodiversity and Extinction 36
3. Ecological Ethics 40
4. Environmental Science 43
5. Environmental Economics 51
6. Sustainable Development 63
7. Cars and the Ethics of Costs and Benefits 73
8. The Energy Crisis and the Environment 78
9. Ecotourism 85
10. The Earth Charter 93

C. Genetics
1. Genetics, DNA and Mutation 98
2. Ethics of Genetic Engineering 102
3. Genetically modified foods 107
4. Testing for cancer gene susceptibility 110
5. Genetic privacy and information 113
6. The Human Genome Project 117
7. Eugenics 121
8. Human Gene therapy 122
9. Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights 129
10. International Declaration on Human Genetic Data 134

D. Medical Ethics
1. Informed Consent and Informed Choice 145
2. Telling the truth about terminal cancer 147
3. Euthanasia 153
4. Brain Death 158
5. Organ donation 164
6. Brain Death and Organ Transplant Drama 170
7. The Heart Transplant 175
8. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) 176
9. AIDS and Ethics 177
10. Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects 183
11. Bird flu 188
12. Indigenous Medicines and Access to Health 189

E. Reproduction
1. Lifestyle and Fertility 192
2. Assisted reproduction 198
3. Surrogacy 204
4. Choosing Your Children's Sex and Designer Children 205
5. Prenatal diagnosis of genetic disease 208
6. Female Infanticide 211
7. Human cloning 214
8. United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning 215
9. Human Genome Organization Declaration on Stem Cell Research 222

F. Neurosciences
1. Advances in Neuroscience and Neuroethics 224
2. Learning to Remember: The Biological Basis of Memory 229
3. The Neuroscience of Pleasure, Reward and Addiction 235

G. Social Ethics
1. Revisiting the Body 241
2. Child Labour 251
3. Peace and Peace-keeping 253
4. Human Rights and Responsibilities 269

Movie Guides and Questions (Samples) 277

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