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Page last updated on 26 March 2013.

Publications from UNU Bioethics
Kuppuswamy, C, Macer, D.R.J., Serbulea, M. and Tobin, B., Is Human Reproductive Cloning Inevitable: Future Options for UN Governance (Yokohama: United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies, 2007).
Some additional related publications of Darryl Macer while at UNESCO Bangkok
Darryl Macer, Moral Games for Teaching Bioethics, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (Haifa, 2008); cover page;
Macer, Darryl R.J., ed., Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Ethics of Science and Technology (Bangkok: UNESCO, 2007).
Macer, Darryl R.J., ed., Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Bioethics Education (Bangkok: UNESCO, 2008).
Macer, Darryl R.J., ed., Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Environmental Ethics (Bangkok: UNESCO, 2008).
Macer, Darryl R.J., ed., Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Medical Ethics (Bangkok: UNESCO, 2008).
Macer, Darryl R.J., ed., Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Biotechnology and Bioethics (Bangkok: UNESCO, 2008).


·       UNESCO Universal Declaration On The Human Genome And Human Rights (English htm) /Japanese

·       UNESCO International Declaration on Human Genetic Data (16 October, 2003; pdf) /Japanese

·       UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights English pdf / English brochure / Chinese / Arabic / Russian / Japanese

Other books:

·       Bioethics Core Curriculum Part 1 (pdf) / Part 2

·       Asia-Pacific Regional Action Plan for Bioethics Education (pdf)

·       UNESCO, Establishing Bioethics Committees, 2005 72pp. (pdf) / In Chinese

·       UNESCO, Bioethics Committees at Work, 2006 (pdf) / In Chinese

·       UNESCO, Educating Bioethics Committees, 2006 (pdf) / In Chinese

·       Best Ethical Practice in Water Use (COMEST 2007)

·       Report of the Fourth Session of COMEST, held in Bangkok in 2005

·       Legal and Ethical Framework for Astronauts in Space Sojourns, 2006 (pdf)

·       Human cloning (pdf) / In Chinese

·       Ethics in Asia-Pacific Bergstrom, Philip, ed, 2004, 372pp. (pdf)

·       The Precautionary Principle, COMEST Precautionary Principle Expert Group, 2005 (pdf) / In Chinese

·       Report on Nanotechnology, COMEST Nanotechnology and ethics expert group, 2005 (pdf)

IBC reports:

(International Bioethics Committee)

·       Report on Consent, 2008 (pdf)

·       Draft Report on Social Responsbility, 2008. (pdf)

·       Report of the IBC on the Possibility of Elaborating a Universal Instrument on Bioethics (2003), Giovanni Berlinguer and Leonardo De Castro (Rapporteurs) (pdf)

·       Report of the IBC on Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis and Germ-line Intervention (2003), Hans Galjaard (Rapporteur) (pdf)

·       Human Genetic Data: Preliminary Study by the IBC on its Collection, Processing, Storage and Use (2002), Sylvia Rumball and Alexander McCall Smith (Rapporteurs) (pdf)

·       Report of the IBC on Ethics, Intellectual Property and Genomics (2002), Justice Michael Kirby (Rapporteur) (pdf)

·       Report of the IBC on Solidarity and International Co-operation between Developed and Developing Countries concerning the Human Genome (2001), Mehmet ztrk (Rapporteur) (pdf)

·       The Use of Embryonic Stem Cells in Therapeutic Research (2001), Alexander McCall Smith and Michel Revel (Rapporteurs) (pdf)

·       Report on Confidentiality and Genetic Data (2000), Working Group of the IBC on Confidentiality and Genetic Data (pdf)

·       Ethical Considerations Regarding Access to Experimental Treatment and Experimentation on Human Subjects (1996), Harold Edgar and Ricardo Cruz-Coke (Rapporteurs) (pdf)

·       Food, Plant Biotechnology and Ethics (1995), Darryl Macer (Rapporteur) (pdf)

·       Bioethics and Human Population Genetics Research (1995), Chee Heng Leng, Laila El-Hamamsy, John Fleming, Norio Fujiki, Genoveva Keyeux, Bartha Maria Knoppers and Darryl Macer (pdf)

·       Genetic Counselling (1995), Michel Revel (Rapporteur) (pdf)

·       Ethics and Neurosciences (1995), Mr Jean-Didier Vincent (Rapporteur) (pdf)

·       Report on Human Gene Therapy (1994), Mr Harold Edgar and Mr Thomas Tursz (Rapporteurs) (pdf)

·       Report on Genetic Screening and Testing (1994), Mr David Shapiro (Rapporteur) (pdf)

·       Advice of the IBC on the Patentability of the Human Genome, 2001. (pdf)

UNESCO Bangkok related ethics projects

·       A Cross Cultural Introduction to Bioethics (2006 resource/textbook)

·       Download the Teaching guide, references, Internet links (regularly updated)

·       Bioethics education textbook project

·       International Bioethics Education textbook project list serve

·       Multilingual on-line resources for bioethics education

·       Bioethics for students list serve (all welcome)

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