Bioethics and the Impact of Human Genome Research in the 21st Century

The Proceedings of the 7th International Bioethics Seminar in Fukui

Editors: Norio Fujiki, M.D. , Masakatu Sudo, M.D., and Darryl R.J. Macer, Ph.D.
Eubios Ethics Institute 2001.

Copyright 2001, Eubios Ethics Institute All commercial rights reserved. This publication may be reproduced for limited educational or academic use, however please enquire with Eubios Ethics Institute.

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3-5 Editorial Preface and Summary

1-9 O1. Opening and Welcome Addresses 1.1. Norio Fujiki
1.2. Masakatsu Sudo
1.3. Yukio Kurita
1.4. Jean Bernard
2. Genomics and Law
10-13 2.1. Law of Technology, Technology of Law Christian Byk

14-202.2. Intellectual Property Issues Affecting Genome Research Robert Kneller

21-232.3. A Genomic View of Life Yuji Kobara

3. Pharmacogenomics (New Era of Genomics)
24-27 3.1. Current Genetics for Drug Discovery Yoshiji Fujita

28-29 3.2. Design and Medicinal Chemistry of Ligands Yoshiaki Kiso

30-34 3.3 The Progress of the Genome Project made Japanese Companies Strengthen their R&D Yokoyama

4. Basics of DNA Polymorphisms (DNA Chips and SNPs)
35-39 4.1. Technology of DNA Polymorphism Analysis Sumio Sugano

40 4.2. Detection of DNA polymorphism and its Use Takeshi Hayashi

41 4.3. Gene Expression Profiling by Arrays Bunsei Kawakami

42-444.4 Polymorphism: From Gene Mapping to Pharmacogenomics Mark K. Skolnick

45-48 Discussion

5. Clinical Use of DNA Polymorphism (Tailor-made Gene Diagnosis/Therapy) 49-50 5.1. DNA Polymorphism in Age-related Genes Tetsuro Miki

51-53 5.2. Japanese and US Policies on Genetic Privacy Robert Kneller

54-58 5.3. The fuzzy dimensions of different human life span segments in the future R.N. Sharma

59-60 5.4. The Ethics of Prospective Studies Containing Genetic Data Frank Yeruham Leavitt

61-62 5.5. Medical Genetics Services, Policy Ethics and Pharmacogenomics: Indonesian View M.K. Tadjudin

63-66 5.6. Chinese Views on Genetic Information Yanguang Wang

67-715.7. Sex and Reproduction: A Cross-Culture View Xin Mao


6. Panel Discussion on Guidelines for Medical Genetic Services
77-81 6.1. Guidelines for Genetic Testing Ichiro Matsuda

82-86 6.2. Can International Codes of Ethics Improve Services? Dorothy C. Wertz

87-90 6.3. The UK Human Genetics Commission Philip Webb

91-94 6.4. Ethical Discussion on Prenatal Diagnosis in Germany Friedrich Vogel

95-101 6.5. Economics Issues of Genetics Xin Mao

102-103 6.6. Indian Code on Human Genetics and Reproductive Technology Ishiwar C. Verma

104-109 6.7. The Policy and Ethics of Gene Chip Technology Erin Williams

110 6.8. Gaps Between East and West have been Filled Hiraku Takebe

111-116 6.9. Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights Ryuichi Ida

117-120 6.10. Followup Studies of Cloning, Stem Cell Research and Eugenics Law Norio Fujiki et al.

121-126 Discussion

7. Human Genetics and Medicine
127-128 7.1. Introduction of Advanced Medicines into Clinical Practices in Japan Fumimaru Takaku

129-138 7.2. Genetics and Bioethics: The Current State of Affairs Erin Williams

139-140 7.3. Development of a New Human Genome Project Nobuyoshi Shimizu

141-143 Discussion

8. Future of Bioethics, Health and the Environment
144-146 8.1. Universality of bioethics in love Darryl Macer

147-148 8.2. Lessons from the Tokyo Session Christian Byk

8.3. Closing Address
Norio Fujiki

8.3. Closing Address
Keiichi Ueda

9. Public Lectures for MURS-Japan
156 9.1. Opening address - Norio Fujiki
157-158 9.2. Welcoming Address - Michio Okamoto
159-160 9.3. To study the way to Buddhahood is to study the self - Rein Kimura
161-169 9.4. Evolution of the Brain and the System of Value - Origin of Morality - Seiji Fujita
170 9.5. From Long Life for Healthy Longevity Dietary Prevention of Lifestyle related Diseases - Yukio Yamori

Further copies can be obtained by ordering from the Eubios Ethics Institute,
31 Colwyn Street, Christchurch 5, New Zealand
Dr Darryl Macer,
Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Tsukuba Science City 305, Japan


Support for the 7th International Bioethics Seminar in Fukui. This publication in English and Japanese has been made possible with a grant from the Commemorative Association of the Japan World Exposition (1970). The seminar was supported by Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Japan, Osaka and Tokyo Pharmaceutical Association, Naitoh Foundation, Uehara Foundation, Toyobo, SmithKline Beecham Ltd., Fukui Medical University, Fukui Prefectural Governments, Fukui International Association, Fukui Convention Bureau. It was coordinated by MURS Japan, IALES, Eubios Ethics Institute, and cosponsored by UNESCO IBC, HUGO Ethics, and WHO HDP. We had simultaneous interpretation for 2 & 3 November between English and Japanese.

The Secretariat was Department of Internal Medicine, Fukui Medical University, Matsuokacho, 910-1104, Fukui Prefecture, Japan (Fax Int+81-776-61-8110). Publication Office is Eubios Ethics Institute (see inside cover).

Honorary Members

J. Bernard, French National Bioethics Consultative Committee; G. Bryant, CIOMS; Sir. W. Bodmer, HUGO; J. Dausset, MURS France; H. Imura, Japan Bioethics Committee; M. Kuroda, former UNESCO Ambassador; N. Lenoir, former President UNESCO IBC; K. Matsuura, Director-General, UNESCO; F. Mayor, former Director-General, UNESCO; V.A. McKusick, HUGO; W. Mori, President, JMA; M. Okamoto, President, MURS Japan; Y. Sakaki, HUGO Pacific; J.S. Wyngaarden, US National Academy of Sciences; T. Younes, IUBS.

Organising Committee Members

V. Bulyzhenkov, WHO; C. Byk, CIOMS; A. Capron, NBAC; N. Fujiki UNESCO IBC, WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Human Genetics, Secretary General MURS Japan; R. Ida, UNESCO IBC; V. Ivanov, Russian Academy Medical Sciences; R. Kimura, Waseda University; R. Kneller, Tokyo University; K. Kondo, University of the Air; G. Kutukdjian, UNESCO; M. Kirby, Australian Bioethics Committee; D. Macer, Eubios Ethics Institute, IUBS, HUGO Ethics; I. Matsuda, JSHG; E.M. Meslin, NBAC; S. Miwa, JSHG; Y. Nakagome, JSHG; Y. Nakamura, Tokyo University Genome Center; L. Platt, Foundation for Genetic Medicine; H. Sakamoto, ABA;. Takaku, Science Council of Japan; H. Takebe, HUGO Ethics; T. Toyoshima, Subcommittee on Cloning; D. Wertz, HUGO Ethics; I.C. Verma, HUGO Ethics; S. Yonemoto, Mitsubishi Kasei Life Science Institute.

Local Committee Members

Y. Kurita, Fukui Prefecture Governor; T. Ichihashi, Fukui International Association; T. Yamamoto, Fukui Convention Bureau; M. Emori, Fukui Chamber of Commerce; M. Nakagami, Fukui Medical Association. In Fukui Medical University: N. Fujiki, Chairman; H. Hayashi, secretary; T. Iwamoto, Head Administration; M. Kuriyama, Vice Chairman; M. Hirayama, Treasurer; M. Muruyama, Secretary General; Y. Nakagawa, Secretary; H. Negoro, Hospital Research Director; M. Sudo, President; T. Suzuki, Deputy Secretary General; K. Ueda, Hospital Director; S. Yagishita, Secretary General; T. Yamamoto, Professor of Bioethics.

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