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Vol 7 (3) May 1997

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pp. 82-93 EJAIB May 1997 News

Topical list of News in Bioethics and Biotechnology
List is complete 1991 -Sept 1996, in 31 topics. News from 1991-1993 are in the OLD news files, and from 1994 in the NEW files.

Page, and titles of papers

65-66 Editorial - Is bioethics about clones or relationships? - Darryl Macer

67 Case of the first test tube baby in India - K.K. Verma / Commentary on Verma: Thoughts About India - Frank J. Leavitt

67-68 Some ethical issues of cloning - Masahiro Morioka

68 Commentary on Morioka - Munawar A. Anees

69-71 Appeal for Comments on Ethical Case Histories - Raymond Richard Neutra, John Goldsmith

71 The Teaching of Medical Ethics in Beijing Medical University - Cong Yali / Commentary on Cong: Teaching Medical Ethics, a Call for anAsian and International Discussion - Frank J. Leavitt

72-73 Medicine and Philosophy (China) on WWW

73-77 Establishment of High School Bioethics Education Network - Yukiko Asada & Darryl Macer

77 Obituary - Benjamin Freedman - Shimon Glick

78-82 Informal Listing of Selected International Declarations, Guidelines, etc. on Bioethics / Health Care Ethics / Human Rights Aspects of Health (as of April 1997)

94-95 Bioethics in India Book Contents (book on-line in mid-May)

Forthcoming Eubios book:

Bioethics in India: Proceedings of the International Bioethics Workshop in Madras: Biomanagement of Biogeo-resources, 16-19 Jan. 1997, University of Madras. Editors, Jayapaul Azariah, Hilda Azariah & Darryl R.J. Macer.

Christchurch, N.Z. : Eubios Ethics Institute Copyright 1997. 400pp.

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96 Genetics and Bioethics network - New or changed addresses are below:

Prof. Donald Chalmers
Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania
GPO Box 25289, Hobart, Tasmania 7001, AUSTRALIA
Fax: Int+61-3-6226-7568

Mr Masahiro Morioka
Integrated Arts and Sciences, Osaka Prefectural University,
Gakuencho, Sakai, Osaka 593, Japan
Tel: Int+81-722-52-1161 Fax: Int+81-722-55-2981

Dr Harpal Singh Sangwan
House No. 1074, Sector 15 A, Housing Board Colony
HISAR-125 001 (Haryana), INDIA
Tel: Int+91-11-2246508 Fax: Int+91-11-2458742
Interests: Genetics, Biotechnology, Bioethics, Universal human rights, patenting.

Internet Links and On-line Journals

A case study on cloning for education is on the Access Excellence site .

A list of bioethics organizations and links to some is provided by the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics At the University of Chicago . A list of projects at the Hastings Center is on-line at

Experimental Animal Regulation in Japan is available from the Institute of Experimental Animal Sciences (IEXAS) of Osaka University Medical School,

Questionnaire for Physicians

Katrina Bramstedt, a graduate student at Loma Linda University is seeking data for a research project regarding truth-telling. If you would like to send comments on the following questions please send to her by Email (

1. As a PHYSICIAN, would you disclose the full diagnosis and prognosis to a terminally ill patient? YES/NO.

2. As a patient, would you want to know your full diagnosis and prognosis? YES/NO

3. Please indicate your Age; Gender; Medical Specialty; Country of Practice.

The deadline for letter submission (and news) to the next issue is 7 July, 1997.

Japanese Bioethics Conferences in Nov 1997 (abstract deadline extended to June 1997)

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