Eubios Ethics Institute, University of Tsukuba, IALES, IUBS held the:

Sixth International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable (TRT6) 27-29 October, 2000

Bioethics, Health and the Environment

Venue: Room 4A411, Institute of Medical Sciences,

University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba Science City, Japan.

Sponsors include Eubios Ethics Institute, IUBS, Glaxo-Wellcome Japan, Novartis Phrama Japan, Fujisawa Pharmaceuticals, Sankyo Pharmaceuticals. This home page was last updated on 5 December, 2000.

Program for the associated Tokyo and Fukui meetings Bioethics, Health and Environment: The Public in Policy 27 October - 3 November, 2000.

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Travel from Narita on 26 October. 7-8pm Welcome Drinks & Pre-Registration

27 October, 2000 Health and Environment are Global Concerns

8:30-9:00 Registration

9:00-11:30 Session 1: Environmental Ethics and a Peaceful Sustainable Future

Aruna Sivakami (India) Human Nature and Human Rights - Universal Ethical Values?
Mike Vandeman (USA) Wildlife Need Habitat Off-limits to Humans
Jayapaul Azariah (India) A New Environmental Management Tool: Value Impact Assessment (VIA) of Genetically Modified (GM) Food
Napoleon M. Mabaquiao, Jr. (Philippines) Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection
Shinryo Shinagawa (Japan) Bioethics and Peace and War
11:30-13:45 Optional outside activites

13:45 -18:00 Session 2: Methodology for Cross-Cultural Global Bioethics

Darryl Macer (Tsukuba) Use of Descriptive and Interactive Bioethics to Inform Prescriptive Policy
Richard Evanoff (Tokyo) A Cross-Cultural Perspective on the Relation Between Science and Bioethics
Chalobon Kachonpadungkitti (Thailand) and Darryl Macer (New Zealand) Thai attitudes to Bioethics 1993-2000
Chika Takeda and Darryl Macer (Japan) Images of Public and Scientists towards Bioethics in Japan
S. Visalakshi (India)* Indian Scientists Attitudes to Ethical Issues in Medical Biotechnology
Noriko Kojima (Japan) Novel Challenges of Bioethics as a Dentist for the Handicapped
Frank J. Leavitt (Israel) Bioethics should be Helping the Medically Deprived People of the World
Minakshi Bhardwaj, Fumi Maekawa, Yuki Niimura, Darryl Macer (Japan) Ethics in Food and Agriculture: Views from FAO
Baby Joseph (India) The Influence of Culture, Ideologies, Religion and Political Boundary Determines the Universality of Bioethics
R.N. Sharma (India) Bioethics, communication problems: Need for Media and Pressure Group Activism
K.K. Dua (India)* Bhagavad Gita on Bioethics and Consciousness

18:00 Reception

28 October, 2000 Appropriation and Recreation of Nature and Life

9:00-12:00 Session 3. Ethical Dilemmas of Biotechnology and Genetics, Biomaterials and Cyborgs

Martin Hajduch (Slovakia) Bioethical issues in GM plant research
Leonardo de Castro (Philippines) Biotechnology in Philippine Agriculture - Ethical Issues
V.R. Manoj (India) and Jayapaul Azariah (India) Cybofree - Cyborgs, Fantasy, Reality, Ethics and Education
Makina Kato and Darryl Macer (Japan) Commercial Biotechnology and Bioethics
Mikiko Chikaoka and Darryl Macer (Japan) Concerns of NGOs over GMOs in Japan
Mary Ann Chen Ng (Philippines) and Darryl Macer (Japan)Comparisons of Philippine and Japanese Scientists Views on Biotechnology
Brigitte Jansen (Germany) Social risks and Social Perception of Animal Cloning
13:00-16:15 Session 4. Medical Genetics (Gene therapy and screening)

Consponsor: GlaxoWellcome

Makoto Nakagawa and Darryl Macer (Japan) Hopes and Concerns about Gene Therapy in Japan through the 1990s
Jurgen Simon (Germany) Human dignity as regulative principle
Dorothy Wertz (USA) The Challenges of Cross-cultural Research: Experience with Two Surveys of Geneticists' Ethical Views
Baoqi Su (China) and Darryl Macer (Japan) Review of Chinese Debate on Healthy Babies
Philip Webb (UK) Storage, Protection and Use of Genetic Information
Yanguang Wang (China) Chinese Views on Genetic Information

16:30-18:00 Session 5. Bioethics Education, and the Public

Fumi Maekawa and Darryl Macer(Japan) Bioethical Reasoning in Student Reports from Bioethics Classes in Japan
Shinichi Shoji (Tsukuba) Changes of Students Opinions After a Clinical Anthropology Class
Miyako Tachibana (Japan) Current Ethical Issues in Japanese High Schools
Naoki Shiraishi (Japan) Biology and Life Views Through a Class on Brain Death

18:00 Reception

29 October, 2000 Health and Environment are Inseparable

9:00-12:00 Session 6. Clinical dilemmas across cultures

I.C. Verma (India) Ethical dilemmas in Predictive Testing in India
A.K. Tharien (India) AIDS Problems in India and Ethical Issues
Kaustuv Nayak (India) Social Implications of HIV
Annabelle Rajaseharan (India) Value Preferences of Medical Students
Ralph Seewald (The Netherlands) Attitudes of Japanese Nurses and Students Towards Living Organ Donors
Masahiro Morioka (Japan) Some remarks on the revision of Japanese Transplantation Law in 2000
Ivan Segota (Croatia) Criticism of Principlism and a New Definition of Bioethics Without Bioethics Principles
Jacqueline Simon (Sweden)The Role of Ethical Codes in Warfare-Applicable Research
Alireza Bagheri (Iran) Ethical Codes in Medical Research and the Role of Ethics Committees to Protect Human Subjects
Christine Thayer (France) Health and environment in Europe: the role of the newly created watchdog agencies

13:00-18:00 Session 7. A Healthy Global Environment and Public Health

M.K. Tadjudin (Indonesia) Challenges of Global Bioethics for Developing Countries
Wardatul Akmam (Bangladesh) Maternal Education as a Strategy for Ensuring Children's Survival and Health in Developing Countries, with special reference to Bangladesh
Briama N'bemba Balde and Vasco Ambal Alberto, Guine Bissau A report from Guine Bissau
M. Selvanayagam (India) Biodiversity and Sustainable Development
June Levinsohn (USA) The Role of Deforestation in the Endless Cycles of Poverty - a Look at Rural Haiti
E.W. Christopher (India) A Healthy Global environment and Public Health:- A Christian perspective
Sayoko Kanamori, Tomokazu Kawashima & Mutsuki Kuwabara (Japan) Some Young Reflections on the Environment in Japan and Other Countries Michael Morris (New Zealand) Teaching about the Environment in Japan: a Personal View
N.Rajalakshmi (India) Ethics of Health and Environment - Focus on Water Pollution and Health Impact
Dipankar Saha (India) Ethical Configuration in Developmental Attitudes of Range Resources: A Microwatershed Reflection of India
The Government Nominated Committe is above the Elected Municipality in Tikapur . Radha Kandel Koirala Coordinator : Women , Environment & Sanitation Program Tikapur Municipality , Kailali , Nepal
Christian Byk (France) European Approaches to a Healthy Environment

Posters include:

A.K. Tharien (India) AIDS problems in India and Ethical Issues
Yanguang Wang (China) A Study of AIDS Prevention Policy and Ethical Issues in China
E.W. Christopher (India) Water use social behavior - a theosophical awareness and approach

Travel from Tsukuba (TRT6) to the Tokyo sessions on the morning of 30 October
Registration for TRT6 (Y12000) / Day registration (Y5000) / Student registration (Y2000)

Program for all meetings Bioethics, Health and Environment: The Public in Policy 27 October - 3 November, 2000.

This was a series of cross-cultural meetings through Japan. Proceedings will be published by Eubios in the future. Secretariat for all meetings (return the registration forms to):

Prof. Darryl Macer, Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba Science City 305 –8572, JAPAN

Fax: Int+81-298-53-6614 Email:

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