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Topical list of News in Bioethics and Biotechnology
List is complete since 1991 in over 30 topics. News from 1991-1993 are in the OLD news files, and from 1994 in the NEW files.

Page, and titles of papers

77 Editorial: Ideas of SARS - Darryl Macer

78-90 Attitudes to biotechnology in Japan in 2003 - Masakazu Inaba and Darryl Macer

90 The Behaviourome / Mental Map Project Updates

91-93 Human Idea Map: Follow-up of the Human Genome Map? - Margaret Sleeboom

93-97 Integrative Mental Mapping Project Under the 'EDM' Processing: The Thesis - Konstantin S. Khroutski

98 Letter from the Presidents of the ABA and the IAB

99 HUGO Statement on Human Genomic Databases

100-2 In The Shadow of the Past Atrocities: Research Ethics with Human Subjects in Contemporary Japan - Takashi Tsuchiya

102-4 Ambiguities In Judging Cruel Human Experimentation: Arbitrary American Responses to German & Japanese Experiments - Hans-Martin Sass

104-6 Ethical Lessons of the Failure to Bring the Japanese Doctors' to Justice - Michael Thomas

106-7 A Call for Further Studies on the Ethical Lessons of Japanese Doctors' Experimentation in Wartime China for Asian and International Bioethics Today - Jing-Bao Nie, T. Tsuchiya, H-M. Sass, K. Tsuneishi

107-8 SARS: An Asian catastrophe which has challenged the relationships between people in society - My experience in Taiwan - Dena Hsin-Chen Hsin

108-10 What have we experienced and learned from the outbreak of SARS in Beijing? - Baoqi Su

111-2 Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail, Spam and Terrorism; An Ethical Discussion

112-3 Spam and Terror, An Insulting Comparison: Commentary on Vinod Scaria - Frank J. Leavitt

113 A report on "An Initiative on Bioethics from the Islamic World" - Alireza Bagheri

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Dr. Jayapaul Azariah
No. 4, 8th Lane, off 5th Cross Street, Indira Nagar
Chennai 600 020, INDIA

Dr. Abbasi Badaruddin
National Research Institute of Fertility Care
ST-13, 14 Block-1 Scheme-5 Clifton
75600 Karachi, PAKISTAN

Minakshi Bhardwaj, PhD
Research Associate, ESRC Center for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (CESA Gen)
Furness College, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YG Lancashire, U.K.

Dr. Aamir Jafarey
Program Coordinator, Pakistan Bioethics Program
First floor, Juma Building, Aga Khan University
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A.Joseph Thatheyus
Zoology Department, The American College,
Madurai - 625 002, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Environmental ethics, bioethics.

Dr. Monica Konrad
School of Advanced Study, University of London
28 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5DS, UK
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Genetics, reproduction, bioethics.

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